Furniture Painting Services

Furniture Painting Workshops

Fee:  $35 plus materials

Workshop available by appt only 

Individuals or Groups accepted 

​Come and join us in our beautiful Creative Studio for a new experience and learn how to paint furniture using Rethunk Junk by Laura's easy 3 step process.  

We will do our best to answer all of your questions - giving you the confidence to go home and paint away!  

Just bring a small piece of solid wood furniture to paint and complete!    

Choose something you can fit in your car and carry please, or you can purchase a small item here in the Studio. You’ll have an opportunity to back-up the U-Haul later with a much bigger piece to paint during Open Studio Time.  Wear your painting clothes if you wish, however, aprons are available.    

The workshop is about 2 1/2 hours and you will learn how to use Rethunk Junk Paint to prep, paint and personalize your piece of furniture, as well as distressing, glazing, stain top, stenciling and sealing techniques.    

Click on "PAINTING TUTORIALS" for a preview of what you'll learn in the workshop!!!

Please call the Studio for an Appointment

Custom Furniture Painting

Own an Original from 24 Rue Auber

and get that "ONE OF A KIND" LOOK !

Thank you for your interest in our work. 

If you are not a DIY'er, consider our


We would be happy to do all the work for you!  Call today for a consultation appointment.  We will come and view your furniture to suggest color and design ideas to compliment your existing décor.  There is a $25.00 charge for this service, however it will be applied to your order.

Rent a Painting Booth

Do you have a large piece of furniture that you'd like to paint, but no where to paint it?  


Come to OPEN STUDIO TIME (OST) during our published business hours and rent a booth.  Just bring your piece of furniture, all the supplies you need are available here for purchase, as well as personal consultation regarding color and technique choice as you complete your piece.  Your piece remains here until you are finished so no hauling it back and forth.

Initial daily rental fee is $35.00 (if you have not taken a Furniture Painting Workshop)

Subsequent daily rental fee is $7.00

Reserve up to 8 days per project

Call the Studio to reserve a Booth