The Dirty Pour with a Sink Strainer

We sure do have fun at 24 Rue Auber Studio!  Drop by or sign up via the Event Schedule to try the Dirty Pour yourself!  

Step 1 - Prep Furniture

No Sanding, No Priming, No Waxing, NO KIDDING!

Our FIRST STEP is as easy as washing a window!

Just spray with "PREP" and use a clean soft cloth to wipe away oils, dirt, mold and grease.  The "PREP" prepares the surface for the best adhesion of the first coat of paint.

Step 2 - Painting Furniture

Choose your RTJ paint color, shake and stir well before using.  Apply paint with a quality bristle brush. NOTE: we sell Wooster Short Cut Brushes in the Studio for your convenience!  Apply your first coat in thin even strokes making sure there are no drips.  This is a bonding coat and when dry to the touch, additional coats may be applied.  In most cases, two coats is sufficient to cover well.  Using a fan speeds up the dry time.

Step 3 - Personalize Option

How to Distress

When paint is dry to the touch you can distress.  We us an electric hand sander and 80-grit sandpaper.  Distress all the areas that would normally age with time. Remember that it's only paint, and you can paint over it - so have fun!  Random is good.  The distressing will highlight any cool architecture on the piece and give it some fabulous personality!

Step 3 - Personalize Option


Dark glaze is tinted and ready to buy!

It looks great over all the paintcolors.


Just add a small amount of any of the paint colors to this product to make a custom glaze color - the possibilities are endless!